Get the desired face shape with a double chin reduction treatment

There are so many people to date that visit us with a complaint of double chin reduction treatment. But if you are curious and want to get it don’t too then you need to have clarity on what exactly is this problem. Basically, a double chin is a common skin issue in which there is a segmental fat layer that starts getting developed under the chin. It gives more of a double chin appearance which is why the chin may look quite saggy. It is harmless but often times people’s confidence does get affected because of it.

Thankfully there are different treatment options by which the excess fat that gets stored under the chin can be reduced while regaining confidence in the look. At Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinics, our team of a dermatologist can guide you better on how to get started with it and what is the better way to ensure the problem don’t happen again.

Know more about double chin:

This is an additional roll of fat flesh that often is found below the chin or jawline of the person. It is also associated with neck wattle if the fat is hanging and gets lost. Double chin is not aging again as it may happen at any point in life. Rather, it can easily be spotted in the face profile view.

  • Weak jawlines
  • Recessive chins
  • Excess fat
  • Poor posture
  • Loose skin from aging
  • Genetics

It could be challenging to prevent this problem but at Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinics we have got the right treatment plan for you

Best treatment options available:

  • Mesotherapy:

    In this noninvasive technique there is a superficial injection which I administered to inject the drug at the dermis level.

  • Fillers:

    These consists of substances that often are injected into the skin to fill up the facial creases and reduce the wrinkles while improving the scar's appearance.

  • Clearlift:

    In this treatment option there is a powerful YAG laser technology that focuses on remodeling the skin and reducing the problem of pigmentation which is quite common. This is a painless treatment that does not require any downtime at all.

  • Threadlift:

    This is an effective treatment that tightens up and lifts sagging skin. The threads are made of Polydioxanone material which often is used for suturing surgical wounds for a long time and hence is a safe approach.


Now that you know the primary reason behind the double chin, it is time to seek the medial approach. Get your apartment fixed at Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinics where our team will offer better guidance on the treatment plan and also asses the skin issues so you don’t face such problems in the future again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

By when can you expect the results post-treatment?

The amazing results become evident but they can vary sooner or later depending on the patient.

How many in-clinic sessions are needed?

Some patients need at least 2 sessions while other may need even more. It all depends on the double chin condition severity.

Is the treatment painful?

This treatment consists of injections and hence, it could be a little discomfort but not pain at all.