Give your skin the right fine wrinkles treatment

The problem of fine ageing and wrinkles is not new but not many people really understand that such an issue can actually be dealt with provided you make the right attempts.

Fine wrinkles are a natural sign that your skin starts showing. But that does not mean you should let it overtake you. Rather, at Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinic offers the best skin treatments that can reduce the overall appearance of wrinkles while making your skin smooth and straight. Before we start with any of the treatments that are suggested, we shall first make sure that these treatment choices are advised to you depending on the skin type you have, your history if there is any and any further analysis that is needed for better results. The treatments are cost-friendly. Still, if you have any concerns, the team would guide you in the same manner in the best possible manner.


Dermal filler is one of the efficient treatment options that is recommended for people who have wrinkles and fine lines quite a lot. The treatment consists of a certain substance that is injected inside the skin so the facial creases while reducing the overall wrinkles.


This is another highly recommended treatment that helps in improving skin appearance. It is not just helpful for moderate wrinkles but if there are some severe fine lines noticeable on the forehead and between the brows, this treatment can offer a better solution on the same.


Threads are another efficient technique that helps in lifting and tightening the sagging of the skin. The threads are made from Polydioxanone which is basically a material that is often used for treating suturing wounds for a very long time. The safety profile that it carries is the primary reason why it is recommended.

PRP face:

PRP facial treatment is the Platelet-rich plasma in which your own blood is injected into the face. The concentrated blood plasma consists of a high number of platelets as compared to regular blood.

Skin Boosters:

In such treatment, a Hyaluronic based product called Restylane Skin boosters is used to restring the hydration level and ensure the right plumpness and skin smoothening is offered. It is one overall microinjection technology that ensures the hyaluronic acid is put along in the skin so it becomes more even and plump.


This is one effective new injectable bio remodeler that is not actually similar to dermal biller or works as a skin revitalizer but is a great option. It is a product based on stabilized Hyaluronic Acid which is injected to ensure the multiplayer skin tissue gets remodeled very well.


In this treatment plan, a broad-spectrum light is used which basically is emitted in small bursts using a handheld device. At Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinic you will have complete guidance on the same before starting with the treatment.


In this treatment plan the focus is to offer a complete skin rejuvenation which is offered to give yourself a painless solution. It is one effective laser technology that works on the pigmentation and overall modeling of the skin.


Our focus is to offer you get the best skin results by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles trouble. If you have been looking for wrinkle treatment or have doubts, get in touch with the team of Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinic for further guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are such fine lines and wrinkles treatments expensive?

The treatment options suggested are made with modern technology which is why; they are quite cost-friendly options.

Are there any side effects from either of the option?

There are no such serious side effects from any of the treatments that you will notice. Sometimes for sensitive skin, a redness for some time will be noticed but that would also go away.

Will such options give pain throughout the treatment?

Most of these treatments are needless or doesn’t need any surgery while the one that requires needles are not at all painful so be rest assured.