Botox treatment is basically the treatment of the skin to make it wrinkle-free, be it moderate or severe. In general, areas like the forehead, between the brows, outer corner of eyes, and necks are treated to remove wrinkles completely. This process is non-invasive which involves the use of superfine needles. In this process, Botox is injected into the facial muscles beneath the wrinkles which in turn relaxes the muscles thereby reducing its ability to contract. This gives way to smooth skin. Garekars M.D. Dermatology clinic has a distinguished reputation in providing the best Botox treatment in Gurgaon.

The best part about this procedure is that it takes very little time compared to other facial procedures and hence you don’t need to adjust timings from your busy schedule.

How does Botox work?

Wrinkles are basically contractions in the skin. In the botox treatment process, the injected Botox works beneath the skin and targets the activities of the muscles there. When we talk or make any facial expressions, acetylcholine is released from our nerves. This neurotransmitter chemical binds to receptors under the muscle making it to contract.

Botox binds the signals from the nerves to the muscle by binding to the acetylcholine receptors. This results in a reduction in the activities of muscles and hence preventing contraction of the muscles. This reduces the chances of the formation of wrinkles.

The binding of the skin starts as early as 48 hours and you can notice significant results within 10 days of this treatment.

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How do wrinkles form?

Aging is the sole reason for the formation of wrinkles. The facial muscles expand and contract repeatedly due to changing facial expressions. With age, our dermis (middle layer of the skin) loses its elasticity. Aside from this the subcutaneous skin also loses skin over time. Due to these issues, the skin gets thinner. This in turn stops moisture from getting into the epidermis ( the outer layer of the skin). The epidermis sags as a result of this and thereby creates wrinkles in the skin. Lifestyle and heredity have a marked effect on wrinkles.

Is Botox safe?

This has been a concern for everyone who wishes to undergo the process and the answer to this is Yes. This is a 100% safe process approved by the FDA also.

Chemically Botox is a neurotoxin that helps the muscles to relax. Dermatologists have used this substance to enhance the cosmetic appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.

But before you proceed further make sure that you are consulting a pro into the process of botox treatment or else things can be fatal. The dosage of Botox has a marked effect on safety as well as the effectiveness of the process. Aside from this frequency of treatment and the clinical condition are also vital in this process.

Hence before going ahead with this procedure make sure that your dermatologist has that level of experience and his clinic is well-equipped with all the modern types of equipment.

At Garekars you won’t have to worry about these two kinds of stuff. The doctors are vastly experienced and the clinic is equipped with all the modern equipment. The best part is that these procedures are taken solely by the doctors themselves and not the trainees to ensure the treatment is perfect.

Are there any contraindications?

Even though this process is perfectly safe for anyone still the doctors don’t advise this for ladies who are pregnant or are breastfeeding a child. Aside from these people with skin infections, rashed, and other imperfections, especially in the areas to be treated, are not recommended to take up the process of Botox treatment.

The doctors, before starting the process carefully examine the area to be treated, but you should inform the doctors about adverse symptoms if any from your end also.

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When will the results be visible?

Initial results will start showing up within 48 hours of treatment. which reaches its apex in approx 30 days.

Is it just one-time affair?

Not really. The effect of Botox treatment lasts for 6 months depending upon age, facial structure, lifestyle, facial expression, and diet. After these wrinkles start appearing but as you continue with repeated botox treatment, the wrinkles often appear less severe than before.

What about the common myths we hear about Botox?

Don't fall prey to any myths. When in doubt you have experts to clarify those doubts. There are millions that have been benefited from Botox treatment. You just need to make sure that you are choosing the one who has hands-on experience with the process.

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