Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers comprise of substances that are injected into the skin with the intent to fill facial creases, minimize wrinkles, and minimize the appearance of scars that otherwise have a deep depression. They are also known as “soft tissue fillers” and are in compliance with the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

These procedures are minimally abrasive which means that treatments are not very invasive. Dermal fillers have proven to be very effective if you wish to enhance the appearance of your skin. The procedure basically plumps up your skin, smoothens the wrinkles, and fills out deep lines to give it an altogether new and radiant look.

You can the lustre and shine of the skin back using dermal fillers. But one this that you have to be very sure about is that you are undergoing this process under expert supervision or else things can be fatal. At Garekar MD Southpoint Mall Gurgaon Clinic, you have the added advantage that the process is carried out by the main doctors themselves and not the trainees. The idea behind this is to ensure no compromise with the procedure. Book an appointment today


1. Natural Dermal Fillers
2. Synthetic Dermal Fillers

Natural Dermal fillers comprise of Hyaluronic acid. Some well-known brand names include Perlane, Juvederm, Restylane, and et cetera.

Synthetic Dermal fillers include substances like Sculptra or Radiesse.

Both types of fillers are in compliance with FDA and completely safe for the skin.

Dermal fillers are required when the skin starts to lose collagen present under the skin. The loss of collagen causes the skin to loosen up. Hence collagen is compulsory to keep the skin tight and free from wrinkles. There can be numerous reasons behind the loss of collagen. Below mentioned are some common reasons.

1. Excessive exposure to the sun
2. Smoking Cigarettes
3. Pollution
4. Unhealthy Food Habits
5. Stresses
6. Lack of Vitamin C in the body
7. Natural process of aging
8. Radiation from the UV rays
9. Menopause
10.Lack of fluid intake (Dehydration)

Dermal Fillers are a substitute for natural collagen and take 30 to 45 mins maximum. The effect lasts for up to 2 years depending upon the substance used.

There are no side effects of this process, however, there is a slight amount of bruising, swelling, or reddening of the treated area. This goes away within a period of 48 hours.

Lip Fillers Process

Now you can enjoy fuller and plumper lips through the lip fillers process. In medical language, this process is known as lip augmentation.

Several products are available that can be used as filler but preference is given to that substance which is rich in Hyaluronic acid (a natural substance present in the body).

This substance helps in heightening the volume of lips and is generally opted for aesthetics reasons. This will give you a well-defined shape to your lips.

Advantages of Lip fillers

The amount of volume on lips is the sole choice of the person undergoing this process

No need for repeated treatment to achieve a good result

Bruises and swells will occur but will be there for 48 hours only.

The cost and the retention time of this procedure is no match for the glamorous look it will give to your lips

Other facts you should know:

The cost of the process ranges from INR 20000 to 40000

There is an age restriction of 18 years for undergoing this treatment.

The time for which this filler process will last depends upon the metabolism of the body. In general, it lasts for 4 to six months.

The results are instantaneous.