Say goodbye to acne and clogged pored with laser carbon treatment

There is no doubt that in today’s time there are different options to treat your skin without any hassle. But often these treatments may not work as they may have been effective on your friend. The reason could be anything. Maybe the skin treatment was not suitable for your skin or maybe some stubborn issues need to be dealt only with the right treatment. If you are just tired of those clogged pores and acne that are painful, it’s time to bring some better change. Wondering how? Well, Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinic brings you the best later carbon treatment that offers lasting results.

Know more about the laser carbon treatment:

This treatment is primarily used for treating people who have issues with acne, oily skin, and even clogged pores. We offer this treatment to ensure you start noticing the positive effects right after its first application. If you have started noticing some kind of skin damage because of harmful UV rays then this treatment can be the perfect answer to deal with the problem. Also popular as China doll peel facial, this treatment is a fine laser resurfacing solution in which light beams are used for treating skin issues.

It restores the skin balance and offers the much-needed skin glow that was lost all this time. Now you can get a perfect skin texture with a fine complexion. But all you need to do is get in touch with our team who is quite trained and experienced to offer better advice on how to go ahead with such an option.

The benefits you don’t want to miss out on:

  • Quick visible results:

    We ensure that right after our first treatment and better improvements with the following treatments, you can see the results in less time. All you need to do is repeat our carbon laser solution once every 4 weeks and see the best results you may not have earlier experienced from any other treatment.

  • Less to no downtime:

    This is a minimally invasive treatment that helps you recover at a faster pace and soon you can get back to your social life with your radiant skin with confidence. Our team of dermal experts would assess your skin before starting with the treatment and even test the laser on the small patch to understand if it is suitable. Once you get a green signal, all you will see in the next appointment is the better-changed version of yourself.

  • Best for all types of skin:

    This kind of treatment is designed for all kinds of skin. It is best suitable for especially those people that have congested or oily skin because of the carbon’s absorptive ability. Be it, women or men, everyone can take the best benefits from such treatment.


Whether there is a problem of uneven skin, age spots, or pigments affecting the overall look of your skin, you can now treat it all with the best solution. We can ensure our carbon treatment is done perfectly so you can flaunt around your skin right after it is done. Sounds enticing? Well, then get in touch with us today and meet the amazing team of Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can this treatment be suitable for me?

If you are worried and have been hesitating to wonder whether it would do wonders with your skin, then the answer is affirmative. It is a comfortable yet fast way to refresh the skin.

What is the frequency and price of the treatment?

This entirely depends on the treatment sessions that would be required as per the skin condition and type that you have and the price would vary as per the treatment.

Is it a safe approach?

This is one painless treatment that is performed by our expert team of dermal therapists who would ensure you have convenience throughout.