Flaunt your personality with confidence through facial hair treatment

Many people men or women always deal with the issue of facial hair. Some men do want to get rid of the excess unwanted facial hair which affects their personality and well for women as well the same is the case. But to look for a safe and quick solution, instead of choosing any random product, you must visit us at Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinics where our team of experts can guide you better There are many artificial methods or home remedies like tweezing, waxing, and threading but none of them would give you a permanent cure as the treatment that we offer.

Dealing with facial hair: Know more about it

Oftentimes more than men, the problem of facial hair is annoying for women. The endless forage online to look for the right cure to deal with this problem has tourney doubt to be a family routine for many. However, the fact is, the invite may advise many ways but the problem of facial hair is not something to be treated without knowing the root cause.

Facial hair in females is also called Hirsutism which is a serious issue and is characterized using the male pattern type of hair growth that results in the excess dark amount with the course of the body hair in an area like the upper lip and chin. There may not be any underlying concern but often there can b some underlying medical situation associated with it to offer the right treatment on dealing with the problem, here are some of the common causes that you need to know first.

Common cause associated with the facial hair

One of the common facial hair causes is polycystic ovary syndrome. This kind of sign is the irregular periods, acne, or even multiple cysts that can be noticed in the ultrasound scanning of the ovaries. At times, even you could have a hormone similar to the male which can cause this problem. Also, there are many other reasons like

  • Genetic reasons:

    This is a prominent one noticed more in the Indian sub-continent or Mediterranean where genetics play an important role which means the problem runs within the family.

  • Hormonal imbalance:

    The abnormal hormonal production can cause hirsutism. There are cases in which the condition led to the female creating male hormones that further result in abnormal hair growth on the face.

  • Medications:

    There are some medicines that cause excessive growth of hair on the face like some steroids like anabolic leading to excess hair growth.

Treatment at Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinics:

Laser hair removal: This is one of the most incredible yet revolutionary treatments that is often recommended to deal with facial hair issues and give lasting results. The solution consists of advanced aesthetics that come with unmatched efficiency and safety and does not cause any kind of damage. There is also no downtime needed besides the treatment is absolutely painless for all kinds of hair and skin tones. At Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinics advise such failed hair removal solutions be it for the native areas like the cheek, chin, or even forehead.


It’s time that you get rid of the facial hair problem permanently with such an effective treatment. Also, bring a better change in your overall lifestyle so you can act the least control the other issues causing this problem to some extent.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the problem with official hair permanent?

If the right treatment like laser hair removal is given for this problem then you will not have to face it anymore.

Can lifestyle changes affect it?

This problem may not get affected directly by lifestyle changes but the issues that may happen due to changes in lifestyle can have this as one of the signs that set your body needs some right path.