Get rid of Patchy skin permanently with the right treatment

You are not the only person facing the problem of patchy skin right now.

There are so many people who have this complaint and to date either they try some cream that they are not even sure about or the natural remedy which they think can suit the skin. But the fact is it is always better to get help from a dermatologist who can ensure you such common problems are dealt with for a long time.

If you are just bothered by the patchy skin because of skin hyperpigmentation then the good thing is in today’s time there are so many painless treatments available. At Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinic you can rest assured that you are in safe hands and all the issues will be rightly taken care of by the experts.

Know more about hyperpigmentation:

It is basically a skin patch that looks more dark than your natural tone of the skin due to the brown pigment melanin that gets overly produced. This problem is more common as you grow older and also because of the sun spots.

Factors that could result in hyperpigmentation:

There is some common hyperpigmentation that can affect the skin tone of people to different degrees. Some of the common ones are:

  • Inflammation:

    If there had been any skin trauma like bug bite or acne and cut then there are chances that inflammation can be the reason. Inflammation can actually send the cell which created pigment in the high volume and thus the dark spots become evident.

  • Sun Exposure:

    This could be another reason that might cause the problem of the dark spot. If you have not been using SPF then UV rays can easily affect your skin and damage the cells. Besides, the additional melanin is supplied to the skin through the tan that you get. That is why hyperpigmentation can happen.

  • Melasma:

    Also called the pregnancy mask, it is often characterized by certain brown patches which are more commonly found in women that have a fluctuating level of hormones during pregnancy. It can also occur in men but the case can be genetics.

The best treatment available:

To deal with such problems at Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinic will have the best treatment option that can save you the time and hassle of experimenting with your skin to deal with the patchy issue.

  • Photofacial:

    This is one fine option that uses the broad spectrum light that gets emitted in the short time using a device that only an expert dermatologist takes care of.

  • Clearlift:

    In this treatment of skin rejuvenation, the focus is to remodel the skin and deal with hyperpigmentation using powerful fractionated laser technology.

  • Carbon laser:

    This treatment is done with the help of a Q laser along with the carbon phase that s later applied to the skin which works as one effective treatment option.

  • Laser toning:

    Another effective pigmentation-dealing treatment is the laser toning process where the Q switch laser is used for targeting the skin pigmentation.


Now that you have some of the most intensive yet painless treatment options in which the skin pigmentation is targeted. All you need to do is get in touch with our experts and state your problem and we shall take care of the rest of the issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is chemical peeling an effective treatment for hyperpigmentation?

It is one of the dermatologist's in-clinic procedures in which different skin issues are managed. The process consists of certain chemical agents in the skin in predetermined concentrations.

Is Mirapeel a painful treatment option?

It is one latest aesthetic device where 3D Skin Desquamation technology deals with pigmentation and other aging signs which is why it is considered an effective treatment.

Are these treatment options expensive?

No such treatment options are not at all expensive for a fact that they are designed considering a regular man’s basic needs in mind.