Say goodbye to those fine ageing skin problems with EndyMed Sculpt

As time passes and we start ageing often there are some notable skin issues that we start seeing such as wrinkles and fine lines. At times, those can bother us and trigger us emotionally as well. But modern technology has gifted us with some incredible solutions to get rid of such problems and the best part is they are absolutely painless.

One such option is Endymed Sculpt which has been designed to give your skin much-needed support by enhancing the production of collagen and ensuring all the issues are dealt with from the root. At Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinic will have the best team of dermatologists to guide you with its lasting benefits that you would not want to miss out on.

Body contouring and EndyMed Sculpt

Blame it on the environmental problems like pollution or the lifestyle choices like sedentary living, which certainly have been affecting our skin knowingly and unknowingly. Initially, our skin may not show those effects but as we grow older things becomes quite evident and which may affect our morale as well. Usually, people traditionally opted for some of the surgical options to firm their skin but those required extra care and could be time taking and painful. But gone are those days because cosmetic enhancement options are way more advanced in today’s time. Men and women now can get answers to the lax skin through the EndyMed Sculpt

Our experts use EndyMed Sculpt treatment for body contouring that eventually improves the exterior appearance of the skin as it heals the deep tissues located below the skin surface. The sagging and cellulite of the skin can now be corrected without any requirement for invasive surgery as this technology offers a hassle-free solution. Through our EndyMed Sculpt, we directly pass the energy on the skin surface that ensures the skin doesn’t get burned because of the excess heat. The technology uses radio frequencies so the collagen within the deep tissues gets heated up and this contracts As it contracts the deeper tissues structure also gets improved.

Tighter Skin

Deep down the skin layer, there are tissues that offer support to the outer side of the skin called the epidermis. Below the epidermis layer, there is a dermis while the deep tissue is called the hypodermis. As the epidermis is heated at a certain temperature, the contraction of the collagen causes the stimulation and thus boosts the collagen in a better way. The outer skin layer would also change and it will turn out to be smoother due to better support from the deep layer of the tissues.

Reason to choose our EndyMed Sculpt treatment

We offer a non-invasive process
  1. The treatment will not cause any kind of discomfort and there is no downtime as well.
  2. Your new collagen will keep growing for better and lasting results.
  3. would nearly take at least six seasons with a gap of two weeks between every session for the right outcome. Right after the second session, you shall notice better results too. At Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinic offers the best body contouring treatments using the latest EndyMed Sculpt solution that is all worth it.

Frequently asked questions::

Is it a safe choice for me?

This is a nonsurgical process which is why you can rest assured that the treatment will not cause any kind of discomfort to you.

By how soon will the results be evident?

As the lasting would grow and so the new collagen will be created in the six weeks, you will have good skin resurfacing which will be noticeable after the 2nd session itself.

Can I continue the treatment or even increase it if there is no downtime botheration?

Certainly, it is the safest option and you can use our expert guidance to understand how the treatment shall work best for you with the right duration.