Dealing with Rosacea: Know the right treatment

Rosacea is one of those issues that have been till date noticed by one in 14 million people.

Rosacea is one of those issues that have been till date noticed by one in 14 million people. You may not realise how frustrating the problem can be till the moment you are not able to find the right treatment. The problem of rosacea is not something to be ignored. Rather, there can be many reasons that could actually cause such a reaction. The primary root cause is not one but can be many which may have made your skin quite sensitive and must have aggravated the condition. If you are feeling frustrated due to such a problem then surely you are not the one to be blamed. Rather, now that you have been noticing the signs associated with the rosacea problem, it is better to visit our Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinic where our team of experts can offer guidance on the right treatment plan for you.

The common causes and Symptoms

Rosacea is one core skin issue where the skin turns out to be quite sensitive and may react easily to the environment. This means you may get reactions to certain things which often people may consider would not have been that ordinary. Oftentimes, alcohol, hot weather, emotional stress, and physical burden can be the root problems. Essentially anything which makes the skin get quick inhalation can cause rosacea. It is one of the common problems that often is found among people above 20 years of age. And chances are high that the problem is commonly seen three times more in women as compared to men.

Rosacea can be of two categories commonly found amongst people which eventually results in flushing. In the first category, you will notice the problem amongst the people who have facial redness already, and often it comes and goes down as the blood vessels get too slow which leads to the issue. The next category is pollution which causes free radical damage and can lead to skin barrier disruption and inflammation. This further leads to acne breakout that promotes early aging of the skin.

Rosacea can be different on different tones of the Skin

People who are likely to have such a problem will be seen with light eyes and may be pale. This clearly means this problem is more evident among such people. But people with dark skin tones can also have this issue but it may not be seen so easily. This means the condition can often be misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed in patients whose skin tone may vary. Considering this fact, we offer consultation for the people so they get the best analysis and treatment choice.

Different treatment options that work the best

  • Photofacial

    In this treatment, a light with a broad spectrum is used in which the short bursts are emitted using a device that is easy to hold.

  • Hydrafacial:

    In this treatment, there is a revitalizing therapy focused to ensure the skin health is brought to the optimum level. It can be customized per the different types of skin without any downtime.

  • Medifacials:

    This is the treatment in which there is a wide facial range that you will be given as per the skin type you have. Our team of experts focuses on customizing the facial plan while considering health, skin condition, and personal goals in mind.


Now that you know how the problem occurs, it is better to deal with this issue on time than later. Visit us today to get a consultation on the rosacea treatment plan which can be best for your skin type.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the primary cause of rosacea?

The primary cause of this problem till date remains unknown however it could be a hereditary problem that runs in the family which can trigger the issue.

What can make the problem of Rosacea worse?

There are some primary factors that can trigger the issue such as alcohol, hot beverages, heat, caffeine, and showers or saunas too.