Give your hair the right pamper with effective treatment

The problem of hair thing and hair fall is very common. Every one of us has at least loses 50 hair every day no matter how well we take care of ourselves.

This could clearly be a sign that you might be shedding more than you ideally should be and the primary reason must be the overall thin hair. The hair loss issue is spread all across the world, the problem of thin hair doesn’t really result in complete baldness. It however can give you more of a bald spot in the head hair. Thin hair usually happens slowly and it means, you still get some time to focus on finding the root cause and then following the right treatment option.

At Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinics believe in dealing with every skin and hair problem from the root. That is why, if you have a complaint of hair-thin, our dermatologist can help to fix it with the right treatment after a thorough analysis of the skin and hair. Upon understanding the root cause, the suggestions will be given to you with a customized treatment plan.

Know the causes behind hair thing:

The problem of hair thinning can be because of many changes in lifestyle or even genetic habits. There have been some cases where the contribution of both these issues showed the prominent problem. There are also some medical conditions that further lead to hair thinning. Some of the common hair thing causes are:

  • Recently had a baby
  • Stopped taking birth control pills
  • Going through hormonal changes
  • Have a vitamin D deficiency
  • Skin disorder or infection
  • Immune system deficiencies
  • A high fever
  • Eating disorders

How we can diagnose the problem:

There are many things associated with hair thinning problems and that is when we work as the detective to investigate the root issue. E would want to understand the history that you and your family have in terms of overall health and thus know if the problem started happening all of a sudden or solely.

If you are given any specific medication or if there is any kind of allergy, we would want to understand more about it. Further, if there have been any changes in the dietary plan as well, it is important to provide us with the right information. Upon the information given and also the careful scalp and hair assessment done, we would try to understand f this is a natural problem or if there is some underlying cause behind it.

Some effective treatment options are:

  • PRP hair:

    This is one natural way that we believe can help in growing hair. It is a platelet-rich plasma treatment that is prepared using blood centrifuging and plasma that is derived from it and again injected with the fine needle in the scalp.

  • Mesotherapy:

    In this non-invasive technique, there is a superficial injection is administered for injecting the drug at the dermis level.

Many people are either unaware of the excess hair fall or just ignore the problem considering it a common issue. However, there are some people who try to cover up the matter by actually using wigs and hairstyles. However, this issue can be quite stressful and devastating emotionally as well. And that is why treating hair thinning with the right treatment is important. At Garekar M.D. Dermatology Clinics can have a holistic approach followed that will help you get the volume of hair you desired and that too without any pain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can such treatment options be painful?

No, these are the safest treatment approaches that do not cause any pain, discomfort, or irritation and have no downtime as well.

Can there be any specific reason behind hair thinning?

The problem of hair thinning can be because of many changes in lifestyle or even genetic habits.

How serious can the hair-thinning problem be?

If you are faxing discomfort or there seems to be a scalp issue then the hair thing is getting worst and needs immediate attention.